Spend six-and-a-half weeks traveling coast to coast and experience North America, from sunrise on the rim of the Grand Canyon to pizza and blues in Chicago. Along the way, you’ll meet the famous mouse at Disneyland, feel a mile high in Denver, eat some fiery Texas chili, and discover a rainbow of Redwoods, Yellowstone, and Blue Ridge Mountains, as you connect with the people and places of this great continent. (USY on Wheels, ‘Classic’) 

For five-and-a-half weeks you can travel from east to west making a difference in every city you visit. Along with helping to repair the world you will experience the great sights and sounds this country has to offer. (USY on Wheels, Mission:Mitzvah) 

Capture the excitement of Seattle, the uniqueness of Portland, and the beauty of Vancouver, British Columbia. Explore some of North America’s most spectacular wonders of nature from Mount Rainier in Washington State to Crater Lake in Oregon to the glaciers of Alaska. Cap off your adventure with a week-long Alaskan cruise. (USY on Wheels, Pacific Northwest)

Cover the East coast of the United States and Canada on an incredible four-week adventure in Summer 2013. (USY on Wheels, East *for 8th graders only*) 

Doesn’t it sound amazing? Through the Wheels program, the participants enrich and develop their awareness and appreciation of Conservative Judaism. Thus, for the length of the program, all Wheelniks observe Shabbat and Kashrut, participate in daily prayers and take part in structured classes that follow a prescribed curriculum. This unusual melding of Jewish education and observance, the personal experience of meeting both Jews and non-Jews while traveling across the country, and the thrill of seeing the historical and exciting sights of North America, adds up to a growing and learning experience which has been unique to USY since 1960.

For more information visit http://www.usy.org/escape/ to check out all the wheels programs in addition to other fantastic summer programs!


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